Ana Popovic - Funkin’ attitude

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Funkin’ attitude - Ana Popovic

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Текст песни Ana Popovic - Funkin’ attitude

You got that look in your eyes I ain’t falling for your sweet lies That ain’t cool, no, no You think you got me under your spell You’re throwing pennies down the wishing well You must be dreamin’ My train is leaving. I got my pride, I know it’s true Take a listen to my heart It’s fool proof. I see you walking down the street You’re looking back and making eyes at me Источник Double talkin’, hole lot of double crossin’ I can tell the lies from the truth So don’t be messin’ with my heart It’s fool proof. I ain’t your sweet thing, I ain’t your toy I don’t need no little baby boy I see through you, And your big baby blues. You think that you can rock my world And make this rock & roll girl sing the blues Forget about it I’m fool proof.

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